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    These are pretty neat, especially if you have a messy bunny!

    Some litter pans just don't keep your bunny down inside the litter pan and they can spray over the edge as a result...yuck. Here's a solution for that!

    Each piece comes as a 12 inch long plastic section that can easily be broken into two 6 inch sections at the perforations. Additionally, you can snap off a corner to make these fit into the corner of your bunny home. They have little clips on the back side that hang over the horizontal wires of your bunny's home.

    Each set comes as (2) 12 inch plastic pieces that you can put end-to-end to create a two foot run or to protect one foot of the corner. Two sets would provide enough to cover a two foot by two foot corner.

    Consider the photo carefully when you install. The lower edge of the guard needs to be INSIDE the litter pan. Hanging the guard too high, or hanging it so the lower edge is outside of the litter pan will not catch urine spray and redirect it down into the pan.