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    It is all too easy to overfeed your bunny. First, they're just so darn cute and we can't help it. However, too much food leads to an overweight bunny and that is a bad thing, Remember, in the wild they were prey animals and had to stay really lean and muscular to outrun all the dangers that lay in their path.

    I try to be really careful with just how much I feed my bunnies and it helps them to live a long happy and healthy life. A measuring cup is such a simple step towards that goal.

    • Single one cup polycarbonate measuring cup (two shown in photo so you can see the graduated measurements in metric and Imperial)
    • Resists breaking and chipping (I've dropped mine several times...still good as new!)
    • One piece construction
    • Externally marked graduations
    • Dishwasher safe

    Generally recommended feeding guidelines...guidelines...not hard and fast rules...your mileage may vary.

    Adult Rabbits (over 1 year)

    • 1-4 lbs: 1/8 cup
    • 4-8 lbs: 1/4 - 1/3 cup
    • 8-10 lbs: 1/3 – 1/2 cup
    • 10+ lbs: 3/4 cup