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    It's a TREAT, it's a TOY...wait, it's BOTH!

    A fun way to feed a healthy supply of hay and to provide a great toy for your pet to play with. A triangular box is stuffed with yummy timothy and/or orchard grass hay, We tend to use which ever is in season and the freshest!

    Two sides have a removable hole for easy access. The box itself is safe for nibbling, chewing and can be decorated with cute bunny images using safe inks, markers, crayons, pens, or pencils. We show an example of how we did it in our pictures, but you can let your imagination run WILD and decorate to your heart's content.

    You can simply re-stuff it with your own supply of hay once the hay it comes with is gone or just leave it as a fun tasty treat/toy for an incredible chewing delight! Your bun can, and will, literally devour this fun toy!

    These are particularly helpful when you have someone pet sitting for your bun(s). They can just pull out the cutouts and toss it in for the bunny. No dusty mess and it makes it really easy for those with hay allergies.

    Size is 6 x 6" x 9" for a good supply of yummy hay.