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    A great place for your little furry friend to explore and relax in! This cardboard play house measures 21 in. wide x 21 in. deep x 26 in tall and has middle and terrace levels!

    Bunnies love to get inside and explore, going up to the top, down to the bottom, and of course chewing on it all around! It's also great for cats, ferrets and other critters who like to have a space to explore in, or climb on.

    Please note: Some bunnies who aren't used to exploring in three dimensions (i.e. jumping or climbing UP/DOWN things) may take a while to acclimate to the concept of doing so. Gently encourage exploration if this happens by placing toys and treats up on higher levels! One of our foster bunnies, Silver, has never ventured up to the top levels but it's the FIRST place he hits when he's out and about. He just goes in the bottom level and chills out. Or inists on butting his head in the corner and moving it around the room...