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    Ahhh...a water bottle that works like it should and still holds plenty of water for the bunnies.

    - Heavy duty quick lock bracket stays on the bunny home for easy bottle removal for cleaning
    - Easy height adjustment with ridges on the bottle
    - No-Drip spring activated stainless steel valve
    - Flip-top for easy water filling

    - Color: sometimes Purple, sometimes Black we have no way to chooose which color we get.

    Always make sure to use clean room temperature water when refilling ANY water bottle and that the water has no sand or sediment in it which can cause drips. Granted, your bunny may like pushing on the valve and having the water cascade over their face, so we ALWAYS suggest you use a cage-mount dish beneath the spout to catch what the bunny misses!

    Works really well...we use these with our foster bunnies. Takes them a short while to figure out the plunger valve and then they LOVE it!